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Frequently Asked Questions

See the drop down to find answers to commonly asked
questions about HLS Design originals, prints, and commissioned art.
  • What styles of art do you do?
    My styles vary by trend, mood, request, skill, and technique. I do a lot of realism as well as abstract styled art. Landscape pieces are my favorite, I love to paint nature, but I am open to trying new styles always! I of course have to “be in the mood” to paint each piece. If I’m “feeling it” I will paint it.
  • How do I clean/dust my art piece?
    Each piece is different and will have different mediums applied so reach out to me personally so I can offer the best advice for your specific piece. When in doubt, use a dry dust cloth with light pressure and small strokes.
  • How much does shipping cost?
    Local pick up is available if you are in the Sparta, Wisconsin area. Shipping details can be found here.
  • What is your refund policy?
    My refund policy can be found here.
  • What is a commissioned piece of art?
    A commissioned piece of art is when someone reaches out to an artist for a custom, original, one of a kind creation. Commissioned pieces can vary by size, medium, and art style/technique to achieve the goal of the customer and the artist. Once you submit a commission form, I will reach out to you to schedule a phone session to go over size, style, timeline, pricing and other pertinent details of the project.
  • How does the payment process work for a commission?
    If a commission is booked, a $50 non-refundable deposit is requested (this is applied to the final cost of the piece). Any commissions $50 or less will need to be paid in full prior to the start date. Artwork will not ship or be delivered until the balance is paid in full. If at any point during the commission process, the client cannot pay the balance, cannot pay the balance in a timely manner, or ceases contact with Heidi - any funds paid to the artist will be forfeited by the client. As the artist, Heidi then has the right to sell the piece. Please understand when Heidi books commissions, she turns down other business opportunities. All commissions are non-refundable.
  • How much does a commission cost?
    This varies on the size of the piece, style, and products used. Heidi can provide an estimate ahead of time but this is subject to change pending any shifts in market pricing. Feel free to fill out this form to see if what you have in mind is within your budget!
  • How long does a commission piece take?
    This depends on the size of the piece and design, as well as the timeline of commission acceptance. I am a wife, mother, and financial advisor first. That means that sometimes life happens, and I can’t create a piece right away or within a certain timeframe. My creativity flows best when not rushed or on a timeline. I do my best work when individuals ask me to paint them something, and then allow me a 2-6 month timeframe. If you are requesting a piece within a certain timeframe, please fill out this form and in the message box, let me know what your timeline is. I will gladly let you know if/when I could complete your piece. Art is my creative outlet and I wish I had all the time in the world to complete each piece that I am asked to do, so I appreciate your patience when you allow me to commission you an HLS Design original!
  • Can I cancel a commission?
    Commissions can be canceled. However, if a commission is canceled after it has been started, the client will forfeit any/all payments made to the artist. All commission work is non-refundable.
  • Can I request changes during the creation process?
    Short answer…maybe. Depending on how far along I am on the piece or how drastic the changes are, I say anything is possible (assuming it is a task I can manage). I want you to love your original art piece so I will do what I can to offer my opinion and ideas to make the piece truly yours! If the changes are drastic, there could be additional fees added to the final cost and those fees would be discussed with the client prior to any creation updates.
  • Do you offer wholesale pricing?
    Yes! If you are interested in purchasing for wholesale, contact Heidi at for more information.
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