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About the Artist

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Wife. Mom. Financial Advisor. Clothing Boutique Owner. Artist.

Where it All Began

My interest in art came at a young age. Ever since I can remember I have always had my talent and love for art in my back pocket. I say that art was “in my back pocket” because, although I loved art, I also had a love for numbers and problem solving and these two talents tended to compete with one another my whole life.


It wasn’t until my teen years that I learned how to use both of my talents to compliment one another. At age 14, I began selling my arts and crafts at craft shows and vendor fairs or would sell them to close friends and family. Turning my talent into a business was the thing I needed to complete my whole picture. 


A Business Was Born

Art and creativity came very natural to me. It provided me with a sense of security throughout my teen and early adult years. Art was always my easiest and fastest way to get us through our toughest financial times. It was a bonus for me because I loved to do it. It didn’t even feel like work.

Chaos & Creativity

I am a wife, a mom to three crazy boys, a full time financial advisor with Edward Jones, part owner of a clothing boutique (Schmitz Fits) with my sister, and an artist.


Having so many hats that I wear, art is my safe haven. It has become my creative outlet, my safe place, my calm, my spiritual connection, my peace. Art keeps me grounded and allows all of my free thoughts to flow (Lord knows I have plenty of them).


There is something freeing about watching the paint move between the canvas and my brush and letting my ideas flow onto paper. 

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Thank You!

Please know that when you purchase a piece of art from me, I am forever grateful that you appreciate my work. Your purchase came from a PEACE of my chaotic life.

I appreciate your understanding and patience as I complete each piece while being a wife, mom, and career woman. I hope you enjoy my creations as much as I enjoy creating them, and I thank you for being part of my creative journey.
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