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This is a pre-order option for a custom journal and matching rock, or ask me for photos of my current designs available. These journals are great for new moms, teachers, wedding gifts...etc. the list goes on. *Pictured on the site are examples of the journal packages and painting ideas.


I started writing cute things my kids said in my journals and now press the flowers they give me in it too with little notes about where we found the flowers and when. Another cute idea would be to write your children a letter each year on their birthday and then when they are 18 or older give them their journal. The ideas are endless! 


Each journal is hand painted and sealed. Each rock is made to match, hand painted and also sealed. You will get the journal and rock in a gift box.


Below you can tell me what you would like on your journal or ask me for my current design options available (these are journals that I may have on hand already painted). You can also email me at with design ideas. If customized option is choosen, your journal will be done within 1-2 weeks from purchase. This timeframe is approximate and dependent on my schedule. If you order and this timeframe is not feasible, I will contact you to let you know and make arrangements if needed.

Journal Gift Package

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